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Tape, Paper, Scissors

By: Pam Bach

Hmmm, what to do with book jackets removed from items in the Cohen Enrichment Collection when the books are sent to the stacks to make room for new titles?  Pondering this question while looking out at the 4th floor of Langsam Library and seeing the less-than-attractive concrete columns, inspiration hit — let’s create collages of the book jackets to wrap the columns! To make it even more fun, let’s inquire  about a donation of Duck Tape from ShurTech, where Madeline Aerni, a Library peer mentor, was interning this summer.

This proved to be the perfect activity for launching this years’ Langsam Connect event series, Fun, Food and Library Finds. Using tape, paper, and scissors, students created 4’ x 11’ collages from book jackets and Duck Tape, all while enjoying an afternoon snack in the Library. Watch the video capturing the fun, food, friends, and library finds!

Stop by Langsam and check the out the wrapped columns on the 4th floor. You will likely find a book title and call # that you will want to check out and take home with you.



ARB’s "50 Minutes" Talk for September

By:  Kevin Grace

Headstone The Archives & Rare Books monthly talk returns on Wednesday, September 24, at 12:00 noon with a special presentation on UC’s first female graduate.  Like nearly every other institution of its kind, documenting the “firsts” and the significant moments of our history lends context to our heritage, and, reveals some very interesting stories.  And for this 50 Minutes talk, we welcome back Greg Hand to campus and to Blegen Library.  Greg made some very interesting 50 Minutes talks in the past few years on Cincinnati’s Federal Writer’s project guide to the city; artist, poet, and mystic William Blake; and pioneering cartoonist Winsor McCay.  Now he comes with another…     Continue reading

UCBA Fun Facts: Audiobooks?

Question: Do you listen to audiobooks?

HeatherHeather Maloney, Library Director: Nope but keep meaning to get some. I’m usually listening to music, NPR, or my 4 year old in the car.


Michelle Michelle McKinney, Reference/Web Services Librarian: Yes! I love audiobooks. I started listening to them when I had an one-way, hour-long commute years ago and have been hooked ever since. Jim Dale (Harry Potter) is one of my favorite readers.


KellieKellie Tilton, Instructional Technologies Librarian: Sometimes. I’m pretty bad about paying attention to them, so that can be problematic.


LaurenLauren Wahman, Instruction LibrarianOnly on road trips.



RachelRachel Lewis, Technical Services Manager: No.



ChrisChris Marshall, Public Services Assistant: Yes, but have not in awhile.  Use to listen to them more when my kids were younger.  Helped travel time go faster.


Exhibit Honors Theodore M. Berry – Pioneer. Activist. Leader.

tedberryIMAGES-01In observance of the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act, UC Libraries have created a display on the 4th floor of Blegen Library celebrating the papers of Theodore M. Berry, noted Civil Rights pioneer, community activist, and elected official from Cincinnati. Ted Berry’s papers represent one of the notable collections in the Archives & Rare Books Library’s Urban Studies Collection.

Continue reading

Cincinnati’s Bathtub Hoax and a Missing Giant Tub

By:  Kevin Grace


H.L. Mencken

In 1917, the noted journalist and philologist H.L. Mencken published an article in the New York Evening Mail concerning the history of the bathtub in the United States.  According to the Baltimore writer, known as much for his satire and acerbic wit as he was for his political reporting, Cincinnati was home to this tub.  Mencken asserted that America’s first bathtub was introduced on December 20, 1842 by Adam Thompson who lived, in all places, Cincinnati, Ohio.    Made of mahogany and lined with lead, the vessel was introduced by Thompson to his guests at a Christmas party, described how it worked, and invited the partygoers to take a dip.  Four of them took him up on his offer, and the next day the invention was widely reported in the press. Continue reading

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