Business Library Rated 8th in Top 30 List

businesswebUC’s Internet Business and Economics Library was ranked 8th amongst “the 30 most impressive university business school libraries” according to Business Research Guide, a public website that provides expert reviews and insight into technologies, products and services, and career and education options.

The site selected the library for recognition because of its “top collections for business research comprised of traditional print resources, government publication materials, e-books, journals and databases. In addition to providing library patrons with research assistance and study space, the library also offers a number of resources for off-campus researchers and distance learners.”

According to the website:

Though there are surely more than thirty impressive business libraries amongst U.S. business schools, the schools in this list are exceptional, and were selected based on the following characteristics.

  • Size and Variety of Selections — Each library on this list has a collection of more than 50,000 print volumes, and at least some digital resources and databases. Those libraries with an extended collection — meaning books are available from other libraries at the University, or from a nationwide interlibrary loan program — have also been noted
  • Additional Services — While most libraries offer basic services such as book check out, interlibrary loans, and printing and copying, the libraries on this list offer additional services valuable to a business student or researcher
  • Associations and Reputation — Many of the libraries on this list belong to the nation’s top business schools. In many cases, these programs are more willing and able to provide students with unique collections, more in-depth services, and higher-quality study spaces and materials
  • Special Features — In putting together this list, libraries with notable features such as impressive architecture, public access, and accessibility were also considered.

According to Wahib Nasrallah, senior business librarian at UC Libraries, “This is the first ever attempt at ranking library resources for business students.  I am proud and happy that our efforts to offer our students and faculty the very best business resources, have been recognized.”

Sitting Smart in Langsam Library

annafurniture3New lounge furniture provides more varied study options.

Langsam Library is one of the busiest places on campus. Students take advantage of every corner of the building when looking for a place to study. With the goal of providing more comfortable yet practical places for students to work and study, we have added new lounge furniture to the 4th floor of Langsam Library. The modular furniture provides a variety of seating options — booths, benches and individual seats — as well as built-in outlets for plugging in laptops. Students are already making good use of the new furniture in the short time it has been available.

Come study in Langsam Library!


What is the DL with Triceracopter?

by Cedric Rose

Patricia Renick with Triceracopter.

Patricia Renick with Triceracopter.

As the culminating experience practicum for my Master of Library and Information Science degree, I am working on a digital collection of documents connected to the evolution of Patricia Renick’s Triceracopter: Hope for the Obsolescence of War.  The finished library will illuminate the connections and processes–physical, social, and conceptual–concealed in the finished work.  Along the way I’ll ruminate on issues and concepts related to digital libraries (DLs).

Triceracopter is a hybrid of parts with far-flung origins in space and time: part three-horned Rhinoceros-like creature that last walked the earth 66 million years ago, part war-damaged helicopter, the final manifestation of a series of forms that imprinted further forms under the hands, intellect, imagination; and will of a DAAP professor and sculptor whose life included shock treatment for a misdiagnosis of schizophrenia (Chapman 2003), decades of teaching art, and emergence as an internationally recognized artist.

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A Special Visit with Dr. Rich

On July 8th, the Henry R. Winkler Center received a visit from Dr. Charles Rich, Susanne Carney, and Frances Clare. Dr. Rich’s father, Major Murray L. Rich, MD, served with the 25th General Hospital in World War II.

From left to right: Susanne Carney, Dr. Charles Rich, Frances Clare, Veronica Buchanan, Doris Haag

From left to right:
Susanne Carney, Dr. Charles Rich, Frances Clare, Veronica Buchanan, Doris Haag
(Photo courtesy of Roger West)











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UCBA Fun Facts: Favorite Fictional Character?

Question: Who is your favorite fictional character?

HeatherHeather Maloney, Library Director: I think Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. “There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.”


Michelle Michelle McKinney, Reference/Web Services Librarian: Doug Swieteck in Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt



Kellie Kellie Tilton, Instructional Technologies Librarian: Anne Shirley (when she’s not being annoying). More up-to-date? Hermione Granger.


LaurenLauren Wahman, Instruction LibrarianHard to narrow down to one, but a couple of faves are both Scout and Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, Bone in Bastard Out of Carolina, and Katniss in The Hunger Games


Rachel Rachel Lewis, Technical Services Manager: No favorite, but The Joy of Cooking is an essential and classic cookbook.  I normally give it as wedding gifts.


TammyTammy Manger, Public Services Manager: I don’t think I have a favorite.



ChrisChris Marshall, Public Services Assistant: Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys


Summer Orientation

by Lauren Wahman

It’s that time of year…incoming freshman are here!

The UC Blue Ash College Orientation is in full swing with hundreds of new students coming to campus this summer.  Advising, UC ID’s, registration, campus tours, and more are all part of Orientation and the UCBA Library is a proud participant at every program this summer.  Campus tours include a visit to the Library where students learn about the 5 Cool Things to Know.


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UCBA Fun Facts: Favorite Cookbook?

Question: What’s your favorite cookbook?

HeatherHeather Maloney, Library Director: Any of Ina Garten’s books…haven’t come across a bad recipe yet!



Michelle Michelle McKinney, Reference/Web Services Librarian: The Cake Mix Magic series…all the recipes start with a box of cake mix.



Kellie Kellie Tilton, Instructional Technologies Librarian: America’s Test Kitchen! (And anything that shows step-by-step with photos. I am an awful cook.)


LaurenLauren Wahman, Instruction LibrarianCan’t remember the last time I read a biography…



Rachel Rachel Lewis, Technical Services Manager: No favorite, but The Joy of Cooking is an essential and classic cookbook.  I normally give it as wedding gifts.


TammyTammy Manger, Public Services Manager: Gooseberry Patch Cookbook “Super-Fast Slow Cooking”. I love this book…simple and fast!


ChrisChris Marshall, Public Services Assistant: Campbell’s Soup cookbook.  “Best Loved recipes”


UC Forward Course Takes Hands‐on Approach to Teaching and Learning about a Fashion Icon

By Jennifer Krivickas

ucforward1First offered in the fall of 2013 and then again in spring 2014, “Documenting a Fashion Icon: The UC Bonnie Cashin Collection” is a ‘test kitchen,’ hands-­on course that incorporates trans-disciplinary inquiry and discourse, student crowd sourcing power, and Millennials’ innate love for technology, social media and images, to investigate, interpret, digitize and widely disseminate authoritative information about an important collection of garments (from the DAAP Historical Garments Collection) designed by Bonnie Cashin.

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