UC Libraries Welcome International Students

 This year UC Libraries were honored to participate in UC’s first International Conference for incoming international students. Planning for the Conference was a huge collaborative effort and we enjoyed working with many present_hollycampus partners under the leadership of UC International. Graduate students Holly Zhang and Yu Mao and UC Alumna Ankita Singh, who have been active users of libraries and wanted to let new students know how libraries can enhance their academic success, prepared a great interactive PowerPoint presentation. Even though the library session was offered at the same time as the sessions on internships, housing, being a TA, and other important topics, we got a great interested audience, who actively participated and asked good questions. More students stopped by the Libraries’ table at the Resource Fair. They got to meet librarians Rosemary Franklin and Olga Hart and doctoral student Holly Zhang, introduce themselves, and ask questions in an informal setting. Some students used our interactive exhibit to learn more about plagiarism and finding help with plagiarism avoidance.

isor_langdeskOn August 18 Langsam Library hosted a fun, hands-on orientation session for international undergraduates. The students were pleasantly surprised to hear Dean Xuemao Wang’s welcome in English and Chinese followed by greetings in various languages from the UC international community. Led by friendly and energetic SOLs, the students learned a lot about UC Libraries in just an hour and a half.

We hope that UC Libraries will be home away from home for our international students. Once again, welcome! We are very happy to see you at UC and looking forward to helping you with your learning and research. We also hope to see you at library events.


Many people from UC Libraries and beyond contributed to making the library orientation for international students a success. Lots of thanks to everyone to everyone who helped! This brief video shows how much we had. Please join us next year!


 Olga Hart

ARB’s "50 Minutes" Lunchtime Series Returns for the 2014-2015 Academic Year

By:  Kevin Grace

The series of monthly talks in the Archives & Rare Books Library returns in August for its fifth year.  Each month at noon, ARB holds a casual presentation in 814 Blegen Library with a focus on its collections, local heritage, or book history.  In the past, we’ve hosted talks ranging from the Depression-era Cincinnati WPA guide to the smallest book in the world, from Frankenstein to a book bound in human skin, from William Blake to John Milton; and from Don Quixote to the Arabian Nights.  On Wednesday, August 27, our presentation will be about rare books and coffee, looking at how coffee production, trade, heritage, and lore have been portrayed by ethnographers, historians, and explorers.

Please join us on the 27th for this first talk of the academic year.  Bring your lunch and your conversation, and of course, coffee will be served!  Other upcoming presentations include the first female graduate of UC back in 1878; Irish poetry during the Great War, the Easter Rising, and the Irish Civil War; UC during World War II; the Hellfire clubs of the 18th century; and fairy tale and fantasy illustrators.  We are also open to any ideas or presenters for these talks.

50 Minutes One Book August Talk

Cincinnati Subway and Street Improvements: your feedback needed!

Have you used the Cincinnati Subway and Street Improvements collection yet? See digital.libraries.uc.edu/subway. You’ll find the story of the unfinished Cincinnati subway and a map showing the route the subway would have taken, linked to the photographs themselves.

Please complete our brief survey to help the University of Cincinnati Libraries improve the support and delivery of digital collections and to plan future digital collections.

full screen map
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SSL VPN and Junos Pulse


On August 11, 2014, SSL VPN will be modified so that the Junos Pulse client is presented when you log into the SSL VPN.

Mobile users (iOS, Android, etc.) have used the Junos Pulse client for several years and now UC is transitioning the SSL VPN to present Junos Pulse as the default client for SSL VPN connections.

This change will primarily only affect “new” SSL VPN users, users that have the “Network Connect” client installed will still be able to connect using the “Network Connect” client.

Click here to see Junos Pulse installation and setup instructions.  These instructions will also be available from the HSL Off Campus Access page.

If you have any questions or problems with setting up the Junos Pulse client, please contact UCIT Help Desk at 556-435.

(SSL VPN connectivity information provided by Bruce Burton, Director, Network  and Telecommunication Services, UCIT Enterprise Shared Services.)

An Afternoon with Henry Heimlich, MD

By: Veronica Buchanan and Alexander Badue

Dr. Heimlich and his Aviator Sunglasses 7_17_14

Dr. Henry Heimlich, wearing the same
aviator sunglasses he used
while stationed in China

On July 17, Assistant Dean of University of Cincinnati Libraries and Executive Director of the Henry R. Winkler Center, Stephen Marine, and Christa Bernardo of the UC Foundation met with Dr. Henry Heimlich, his daughter Janet, and granddaughter Maxine at his home in Cincinnati.

Among many items discussed, one thread seemed to connect throughout the entire discussion, Dr. Heimlich’s connection with SACO, the Sino-American Cooperative Organization, an unprecedented military partnership between China and the United States during World War II. Heimlich displayed one of his personal treasures from his time in China, the aviator sunglasses that he continues to wear to this day, complete with their original storage case.

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New Material in ARB's Urban Studies Collection Highlights Cincinnati's Culture and History

By:  Suzanne Maggard

Kennedy Heights 15th Anniversary Cover

Kennedy Heights Community Council 15th Anniversary Celebration booklet

What do the papers of a local choral director and composer and the records of the Kennedy Heights Community Council have in common?  All these records were added to the Urban Studies collection in the Archives and Rare Books Library in 2014.  Finding aids are now available for both of the collections and they are open to the public for research.

The Urban Studies collection in the Archives and Rare Books Library holds a vast amount of material related to the history of the city of Cincinnati, the city’s neighborhoods, and the people and culture of the city of Cincinnati.  The newest items in this collection help to expand on the history already available within the collection. Continue reading

UCBA Fun Facts: Reading Distractions?

Question: What easily distracts you when you’re reading?

HeatherHeather Maloney, Library Director: Sleepiness….yawn.




Michelle Michelle McKinney, Reference/Web Services Librarian: People who interrupt me with questions or ignore the fact that I’m reading.



KellieKellie Tilton, Instructional Technologies Librarian: Cats. They don’t seem to like when the world does not revolve around them.



LaurenLauren Wahman, Instruction LibrarianIt doesn’t take much these days…tv, laundry, pie, etc.



RachelRachel Lewis, Technical Services Manager: No favorite, but The Joy of Cooking is an essential and classic cookbook.  I normally give it as wedding gifts.


TammyTammy Manger, Public Services Manager: Anything can distract me…very frustrating!



ChrisChris Marshall, Public Services Assistant: My kids, my hubby, my dog,  and a busy life!


From the Archives: Benjamin L. Askue Collection

By: Laura Meece

Born in Ashtabula County, Ohio in 1833, Benjamin Askue was a nurse during the American Civil War. He did not, however, go the traditional educational path. Instead, he studied under the hand of a local doctor and eventually became a practitioner of homeopathic medicine.

Ambrotype of Benjamin Askue ca. 1860

Ambrotype of Benjamin Askue ca. 1860

Askue joined the Union Army in 1861, serving for the 23rd Ohio Volunteers Infantry (O.V.I.). Under the leadership of future President Rutherford B. Hayes and William S. Rosencrans, Askue eventually became a field nurse for the O.V.I., putting his medical training to use. While in the army, Askue was captured several times by the Confederacy and even hid in the forest of West Virginia to avoid capture on one occasion, but he always managed to escape. His brother, Oscar Askue, had also been a soldier in the Union Army, and when Oscar was killed in battle, Benjamin Askue escaped the Confederates and made his way to the battlefield where his brother’s body lay. Upon arrival, he had his brother shipped back to Ohio.

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“Bitter Bierce”?

By:  Michael Tipton, Archives & Rare Books Library intern

 Ambrose Bierce headshot     Shortly after the conclusion of World War II in 1945, a Mr. Myles Walsh of Oradell, New Jersey traveled to Cincinnati for the purpose of visiting his daughter, who at the time worked in the city.  While on an extended stay, Mr. Walsh decided to take some coursework in the Classics Department at the University of Cincinnati.  So impressed was Mr. Walsh with the courses and the campus of the university that he decided to donate to UC some very rare and unique letters personally written and addressed to him from noted American author and journalist Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914?).

Though they were consulted once or twice by scholars over the past half-century, the fifty-nine donated letters have never been generally accessible for research and teaching.  In 2011, the letters were digitized and now, with the development of a Bierce presence on ARB’s website, they have assumed their rightful place on the internet for all to study and enjoy. Continue reading

Summer Issue of Records Quarterly Now Available

By:  Eira Tansey

Records Quarterly cover Summer 2014The current UC Records Management newsletter shares information on reducing  that hoard of administrative records in your office, tips for how you can organize records through shared drives, information on upcoming workshops, and program news.

Click here for the latest issue and if you have any questions about UC records, just contact me in the Archives & Rare Books Library at 556-1958 or at eira.tansey@uc.edu.

And for more information on the Archives & Rare Books Library and its holdings, please contact us by phone at 513-556-1959, by email at archives@ucmail.uc.edu, or on the web at http://www.libraries.uc.edu/arb.html.


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