Scholar 1.7 improves mobile display, shows name of work submitter, and enhances DOI handling based on access rights.

With Scholar@UC 1.7 we have deployed various display improvements for mobile users. We have also adjusted the handling of Document Object Identifiers (DOIs) for embargoed and private works, so that DOIs are held in reserve until a work is made public, at which time the DOI becomes public.  (You can read more about DOIs and access rights on the Scholar@UC FAQ.)  The name of a submitter of a work is now shown with the work metadata, with a link to the submitter’s Scholar@UC profile page.

Other changes include:

  • For security, a more efficient approach to preventing the use of script tags in all form fields.
  • The page footer now displays the date and time of the last code deploy.
  • A link to the File Format Advice page now appears at the top of the new work input form.
  • The sitemap.xml file is now generated nightly and includes works, collections, and profiles.
  • Bug fixes:
    • The link to Adobe Reader is only shown once when there are multiple PDfs listed on a work.
    • The display of very long file names is improved when viewing a work.
    • Various display fixes for the mobile responsive layout.
    • Fixed bugs related to the video work type introduced in v1.6.
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