Scholar@UC 2.3 – better character handling

We’ve just released Scholar@UC 2.3.  One improvement of note – we discovered that when strings of chracters were cut and pasted from other software applications, notably in the Microsoft Windows environment, into the Scholar@UC title field, special characters at the end of lines (such as a hidden ‘vertical tab’) could cause the Scholar@UC work submission process to fail.  We have corrected this issue.

Other fixes are minor bug or background tweaks.  All changes are listed in our change log.

Our software development team is continuing to make progress with the next major release, Scholar@UC 3.0.   Our work for Scholar 3.0 is taking place in a sandbox (test) environment where we are building upon substantial new code contributions from the Project Hydra community (to be technical, upgrades to Fedora 4, Solr 5 and a new implementation of Hydra named ‘Sufia 7′).   When we have merged our code with the code from the Hydra community, we will reach out to early adopters and others to help us evaluate this major release with substantial additional functionality.

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