Scholar@UC 2.4 – ORCID support is here

We’ve just deployed Scholar@UC 2.4, which introduces support for ORCID, the Open Researcher and Contributor ID.  You can read more about ORCID here.  To obtain an ORCID and link it to your profile in Scholar@UC, login to Scholar@UC, and under your name (top-right), go to “My Profile.”  Next select “Update Personal Information.”  You will now see links to Create an ORCID, or  to link an existing ORCID to your Scholar@UC account.  Once you do so, a link to your ORCID profile will display under your photograph and name.

There will be more information about ORCID forthcoming.

This release of Scholar@UC also introduces some new help pages with added information for students submitting their own works, and guidelines for their faculty advisors.  We have added accessibility information to the File Format Advice page and from the Help menu.  Items in the Help menu are now sorted alphabetically.

Other fixes are minor bug or background tweaks.  All changes are listed in our change log.

Our software development team is continuing to make progress with the next major release, Scholar@UC 3.0.   Our work for Scholar 3.0 is taking place in a sandbox (test) environment where we are building upon substantial new code contributions from the Project Hydra community.   When we have merged our code with the code from the Hydra community, we will reach out to early adopters and others to help us evaluate this major release with substantial additional functionality.


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