2009 Early Summer Institute


On June 15-19 a group of UCL librarians presented the 2009 Early Summer Institute for faculty. The instructional technology institute funded by the Faculty Development Council has become a good tradition in recent years. This year’s topics and applications included  Dreamweaver, RefWorks, image and video editing software as well as a wide spectrum of Web 2.0 technologies ranging from Google applications to Twitter. 20 faculty members from 5 colleges attended the Institute and found the experience very vaulable. Here are some of their comments:

  • I consider this to be a well-conceived, well-structured, and worthwhile endeavor.”
  • The greatest strength of the institute was the hands-on nature that sought to solve problems and demonstrate practical techniques.”
  • “This was an amazing opportunity. I wish that I could do it again next year. Amazingly enough, I even have a new resprect for Twitter after John’s presentation.”

We look forward to hearing how our alumni intergrate what they learned at the Institute into their teaching.

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