Clermont College Library Has a New Neighbor

Do you have your first paper due soon? Are you nervous about succeeding in that math class? Check out the new Academic Success Center, around the corner from the library.

When you are struggling with an assignment or to understand a difficult concept, it is important to reach out for assistance. Sometimes it helps to hear information in a new way or from a person other than your professor. Even if you are not struggling, but want to do the very best in your courses, go to the ASC for that extra boost. Associate Professor Jo Ann Thompson, with the Academic Success Center, shared “The new ASC is committed to helping Clermont students identify and use their strengths to succeed in all of their classes.” The ASC is available to help students with tutoring in a variety of subjects one-on-one or in groups, at no additional cost.

Whether you have a quick question about an assignment or would like more in-depth help, stop by the ASC in Peters-Jones 104 or email them at to set up an appointment today!

Heather Mitchell-Botts
Instruction Librarian

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