Spring Semester Review for UC Clermont

This spring, we had many exciting things happening in the Marcotte Library @ UC Clermont.

  • Our first floor upgraded the computers, including installing a public access computer for visitors.
  • Faculty in our ATIP program began the work in replacing their traditional textbook with affordable materials.
  • We partnered and offered exciting events for everyone, such as the Women’s History Month series, Poetry Readings, and more.

This summer we hope to make more facilities changes based on feedback from our student survey. Keep an eye for these changes in the Fall semester!

Two UC librarians elected to the SWON Libraries Consortium Board

Ted Baldwin, director of the Science and Engineering Libraries and the interim head of Library Collections, and Emily Wages, collection services manager at the University of Cincinnati Clermont’s Frederick A. Marcotte Library, have been voted in by the Directors Council to join the SWON Executive Board in June. They join existing UC Board member Gerry Wagner, unit operations manager in UC Libraries Collection Development Services and Engagement Department.

SWON Libraries formed in 1973 as the “Greater Cincinnati Library Consortium” (GCLC) when a group of library directors in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky wanted a vehicle for pooling resources, sharing knowledge and collaborating to better serve their patrons. They continue that mission today as one of the State Library of Ohio’s Regional Library Systems.

Learning Commons at the Library: Survey question 6

Thank you for the feedback you’ve given throughout this academic year regarding the Marcotte Library and Learning Commons space collaboration. Your responses are helping us to make our space into what you need it to be.

Starting today, we have one final survey question for you: What, if anything, should the library adjust in our partnership with the Learning Commons? Please submit your response by Friday, April 19th.

As always, you can answer the survey question through one of the drop boxes located in Jones across from the library’s entrance or in the McDonough lobby. You can also anonymously submit your response via this online form.

Learning Commons at the Library: Survey question 5

Thank you for your valuable input in our most recent survey question regarding the shared space between the Frederick A. Marcotte Library and the Clermont College Learning Commons! Your answers and opinions are helping us turn the library’s second floor into a remarkable place for studying and learning.

Our newest survey question regarding our spatial collaboration is now live. Until March 25th, we’re asking: What would make you more inclined to use library and/or Learning Commons services?

Please respond to this question anonymously through this online form or one of the two response collection boxes located outside of the Library’s main entrance and in the McDonough lobby.

Celebrate Pi Day early with a Pre-Pi Day Potluck at the Marcotte Library

Pi Day is happening over spring break, but that won’t keep the Frederick A. Marcotte Library from celebrating early!

RSVP for our Pre-Pi Day Potluck on the event’s GetInvolvedUC event page today and join us in the library at noon on Thursday, March 7th for the festivities. You bring a pie to share and we’ll supply the plates and cutlery. We’ll see you there!

Cougar PAWS for a T-Shirt

Cougar PAWS (Personalized Assistance With Searching) Research Appointment will make finding sources more efficient and easier with higher quality results. Work with your Frederick A. Marcotte librarian at UC Clermont to get the best materials for your upcoming research assignment. Schedule your appointment to meet in the library or online. Those who attend their PAWS appointment for a research assignment will receive a UC Clermont t-shirt. 

Visit the Digital Displays by Frederick A Marcotte Library @ UC Clermont

The Frederick A. Marcotte Library at UC Clermont curates several monthly library material displays that pertain to timely issues. The displays in the library feature new books as well as monthly rotating topics. There are also display cases within the Snyder and Edith Peters Jones buildings that feature rotating subjects each month. You’ve probably seen these throughout campus and maybe even checked out materials from them. For these physical displays we lay out books, DVDs, periodicals, and QR codes for ebooks relating to a particular topic. We feature all materials available in these physical displays in our digital display so that you can explore what is on our physical display shelves from the comfort of your home, access electronic materials, and request items from each display.

Learning Commons at the Library: Survey question 4

We may be coming out of a wintry weekend, but it’s definitely spring semester! Thank you for your thoughtful responses to our Learning Commons at the Library survey questions throughout the fall. We’re back now with a few more questions for you. Your responses will help our collaboration with our new neighbors be the best it can be!

From now until February 25th, we’re asking: Is the library a welcoming space for you? How can we better meet your needs?

Please respond anonymously through this online form or the response collection boxes located outside of the Library’s main entrance and in the McDonough lobby.

Course Reserves at UC Clermont’s Frederick A. Marcotte Library

In support of UC Clermont’s teaching mission and affordable learning initiatives, our library holds a course reserves section for which we purchase core textbooks that cost more than $100. Some textbooks may be available as eBooks. Students can request physical textbooks at the library information desk and check them out for four hours at a time; they may be renewed if not requested by another student. A valid Bearcat Card or photo ID is required to check out. The library does not purchase lab manuals, bundled sets, custom editions, access codes, or loose-leaf format items. Users can search UC’s course reserves online by class or instructor.

Keeps Tabs on New Books at Frederick A. Marcotte Library

UC Clermont’s library shares our newest purchases each month on our New Books Blog. You can browse this month’s newest titles or take a look at previous months. By clicking on the titles, you can see them in the catalog and put a hold request on any you are interested in. There is also the option to subscribe to the new books blog so you never miss a title! If you would rather browse a physical display, we also feature a rotating new book display on the first floor of the library.