New Fashion titles in the DAAP Reference collection

Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion
DAAP Reference GT 507.E54 2010 v.1-v.10

encyclopedia of world dress and fashion

Published by Oxford University Press in 2010 Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion is a comprehensive ten volume set that explores dress and fashion globally and historically. The volumes are specific to geographic regions of the world,  Africa (1), Latin America and the Caribbean (2), The United States and Canada (3), South Asia and Southeast Asia (4), Central and Southwest Asia (5), East Asia (6), Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands (7), West Europe (8), East Europe, Russia, and the Caucasus (9).The final volume, GlobalPerspectives (10), explores other topics like “Iconic Figures in Western Fashion” (p.171) and “Museum Collections of Dress and Fashion” (p.295).

global perspiectives


The encyclopedia is an excellent resource for those interested in the art and anthropology of costume, dress, and fashion spanning the globe.





Fashion: Critical and Primary Sources
DAAP Reference GT580.F37 2009 v.1-4

fashion critical and primary resources

Published in 2009, Fashion: Critical and Primary Sources is a four volume set that contains over 100 essays and articles ordered chronologically. Volume one focuses on the time period Late Medieval to Renaissance, followed by volume two, the Eighteenth Century, volume three the Nineteenth Century, and finally volume four, the Twentieth Century to Today.


Both The Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion and Fashion: Critical and Primary Sources are for library use only and currently displayed with the DAAP new books. They will be placed in the reference collection on Friday, April 5th.