Travel the World with UC Libraries! Destination for Today: Brazil

Brazil is one of the great rising world economies, comprising the BRIC nations along with Russia, India, and China. The country’s large agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and service sectors have become forces on world markets. Brazil weathered the 2008 global economic crisis with only two fiscal quarters of recession as global demand for Brazilian commodities declined. Foreign investment has remained strong amidst strong growth and high interest rates. The economy is likely to be among the top five in the world in coming years.

Curitiba, in the southeast corner of Brazil, is one of the cities that is studied frequently by urban planners because of their system for rapid transit.
The Architecture and Urban Planning Collection in the UC Libraries has a collection of images from the city taken by a UC student in planning.

Rapid Transit in Curitiba

Source: Global Road Warrior

Feature Library Resource: Architecture and Urban Planning Collection, Information Please Almanac.