10/9 High-Performance Computing Workshops: Ohio Supercomputer Center

Ohio Supercomputer Center




UCIT and UC Libraries are partnering with the Ohio Supercomputer Center to offer two High Performance Computing (HPC) workshops on Thursday Oct. 9 in 475 Langsam Library (UC west campus).

Interested researchers, students and staff can register at http://webcentral.uc.edu/hslclass/

Introduction to High Performance Computing at OSC, 9:00am-12:00pm

Topics will include:

  • HPC concepts
  • Hardware and Software available at OSC
  • Getting allocations and accounts
  • How to connect and log in
  • How to move data on and off the systems
  • Introduction to batch processing
  • Storage and file systems

Conquering the OSC Batch Environment, 1:00pm-5:00pm

Topics will include:

  • The basics:  Batch Environment, batch file format, job submission, job status, return files
  • Optional resources:  Nodes, cores, memory, accelerators, processing time, software, etc.
  • Our virtual waiting room:  The PBS batch system
  • How to manage jobs
  • How to use batch jobs to perform parallel processing
  • Useful environment variables related specifically to the batch system.

Any questions can be directed to Jane Combs, UCIT (Research and Development), combsje@uc.edu or Ted Baldwin, UC Libraries (Science and Engineering Libraries), baldwitw@uc.edu