Art Referential: Catherine Richards

DAAP Library Display Case

DAAP Library Display Case

Art isn’t created in a vacuum, and Art Referential justifies this. Art Referential doesn’t just highlight an artist’s work; it also highlights the rich resources the artist is pulling from.

The second installment of Art Referential highlighted DAAP School of Design Professor, Catherine Richards. We asked Catherine three questions, and these were her answers:

What idea’s are you currently considering/pursuing?

More public sculpture and international art/ design exhibitions that use all mediums to explore space and environment. From sound and video to materials and form.

Who are your favorite artists and why?

Louis Bourgoise, Federico Fellini, Jean Cocteau, Sophia Coppola and Grimes. They all experimented/ experiment with emotion and medium in a poetic way that relates to my work.

What books, blogs, magazines, etc., do you reference the most and why?

Sexuality and Space and The poetics of Space, Vogue Italia, Domus and so many other books and magazines I don’t remember the name of. From small art books to novels.

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Richards' Reference Books in DAAP Library Display Case

Richards’ Reference Books in DAAP Library Display Case

Books of Note

Anni Albers and Ancient American Textiles: from Bauhaus to Black Mountain / Virginia Gardner Troy

The Pantone Book of Color: Over 1000 color Standards: Color Basics and Guidelines for Design, Fashion, Furnishings and More / by Leatrice Eiseman and Lawrence Herbert

Fashion Under Fascism: Beyond the Black Shirt / Eugenia Paulicelli

Anni Albers / Gene Baro and Nicholas Fox Weber

Black Mountain College: Experiment in Art / Vincent Katz, Martin Brody, et al.

The Woven and Graphic Art of Anni Albers / Nicholas Fox Weber, Mary Jane Jacob, and Richard S. Field

Interiors / Johanna Burton, Lynne Cooke, and Josiah McElheny

Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College, 1933-1957 / Helen Molesworth and Ruth Erickson