Research Lightning Talks: Recording Available

by Lauren Wahman

Heather Maloney speaking in front of the Research Lighting Talks audience.
Heather Maloney, UCBA Library Director, introduces the event

The UCBA Library’s Research Lightning Talks is an annual event that showcases research efforts of UCBA faculty and staff, sparks conversation, encourages collaboration, and inspires action within the UCBA community. This year’s event (view recording) took place on March 5, 2024 and featured five faculty presentations:  

Libby Anthony 
Associate Professor of English 
Pedagogies of Online Knitting Teachers 

David Freeman  
Professor of Mathematics 
What Is a Number? And Why Does it Matter? 

Smita Jadhav  
Assistant Professor of Chemistry 
Integrating ChatGPT in General Chemistry Education 

Rhonda Pettit  
Professor of English 
Immersion Research for Poetry 

Heather Vilvens  
Associate Professor of Health Promotion & Education 
Stakeholder-Driven Strategies for Improving the Discharge Process in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Concept Mapping Study