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Annual Progress Report

Determining Our NEXT Directions

UC Libraries Updated Strategic Framework

The University of Cincinnati’s NEXT Lives Here Strategic Directions focus on the core areas of Academic Excellence, Urban Impact and the Innovation Agenda in order to engage people and ideas – and to transform the world. The University of Cincinnati Libraries are key to what’s NEXT. UC Libraries fuel research, scholarship and engagement with the community. We forge pathways to discovery and empower students, faculty and researchers to achieve academic success.

Thus, in the spirit of NEXT Lives Here, UC Libraries is actively engaging in determining our Next Directions. We are articulating both who we are and what we want to be. We are examining our strengths as we identify challenges. We are discerning areas where our expertise, services and collaborations can best be put to use as we pursue our vision to be “the globally engaged, intellectual commons of the university – positioning ourselves as the hub of collaboration, digital innovation and scholarly endeavor on campus.”

Through fulfillment of our NEXT Directions, UC Libraries aims to increase our impact: to create paths to education innovation and student success, to transform the research, learning and teaching agendas of the UC faculty and students, and to create partnerships within UC, the wider Cincinnati urban community and at national and international levels. This work requires a substantial investment in ourselves and a renewed commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as we continue to fulfill our mission to “empower discovery, stimulate learning and inspire the creation of knowledge by connecting students, faculty, researchers and scholars to dynamic data, information and resources.”

Coming Spring 2022…