• xuemao wang
    Volume 18,  Volume 18, Issue 3

    Standing Together

    Xuemao Wang | Vice Provost for Digital Scholarship and Dean and University Librarian I have watched and have been deeply moved over the last few weeks as people around the world respond to the May 25th murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. Each news cycle seems to bring another senseless killing of black Americans, from Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, GA to Breonna Taylor in Louisville, KY and, most recently, Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, GA. The national and global protests point out the painful reality that America is still far from her original creed that all men are created equal. The American Library Association (ALA), Association of Research Libraries…

  • rethinking america's past book cover
    Volume 18,  Volume 18, Issue 3

    Press Launches Platforms and Pathways in Social Innovation

    By Elizabeth Scarpelli |Director of the University of Cincinnati Press The University of Cincinnati Press is proud to launch Platforms and Pathways in Social Innovation as part of its dynamic, open access publishing platform. University press publishers help to shape disciplines through the dissemination of rigorous, peer-reviewed scholarly writing. Some publish monographs, others include journals mostly intended for other scholars. All publish in print and eBook formats, a few in open access. At the University of Cincinnati Press, our staff strive to connect the academy to the people and theory to practice. We believe scholarly content should be open for all to read; not only those with academic or financial…