UC Central Login Service: Password Changes

element_fireUp until now, UC’s Central Login Service enforced  the 8 character minimum and the requirement that at least one number be used for passwords, but it was not enforcing the use of both upper- and lowercase.  Because of this, many people at UC have been logging in to CLS systems and Blackboard with an all-lowercase version of their password.

On April 13, 2009 the system will be changed to enforce the use of the mixed case on all CLS pages . We are working on a similar update for blackboard, but are not moving forward with it quite yet.

On Monday, April 13,  after the change goes into place, your old password may not work. You will need to use the version of the password that has both the upper- and lowercase letters.  If you cannot remember that version of the password, they can go to PSS forgotten password page <https://www.uc.edu/PSS/jsps/pwdmgt/ForgotPassword.jsf> , enter questions, and choose a new password that meets the standards.

That password should synchronize to all connected systems and be immediately usable.

If further help is needed, please refer  to the UCit Helpdesk at 556-HELP.

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