Student-made snow globes on exhibit at DAAP Library

On Wednesday, November 25, 2009, a DAAP fine art student, Jennifer Morgan gave a critique of her snow globe project in the DAAP Library. Created for her class (Installation Art), Jennifer’s snow globes are constructed from figurines and other found objects, which are housed in jars filled with baby oil.

Though snow globes are generally considered “kitsch” objects and are associated with vacationers and leisure, this student’s project challenges this view by placing elements of destruction, such as a canary in a coal mine, a cowboy surrounded by real tobacco, and a black widow spider, inside a snow globe.

Jennifer first saw the DAAP Library snow globe collection her sophomore year during a graphic design class. Now a senior, she was inspired for this project after the snow globes were placed more visibly on the library shelves. She recalls that DAAP’s snow globes had been displayed in cases before this year, and is glad they are out in the library for more people to see. Jennifer’s globes are displayed among the DAAP Library’s collection to surprise and delight daap students and visitors alike.

Other DAAP student art exhibitions are currently being installed in the DAAP Library. Watch the blog for more details.

Blog entry co-written by:

Sara Mastbaum, Graduate Assistant (DAAP School of Art MA Candidate), DAAP Library

Jennifer Pollock, Head of the DAAP Library