New Collection Documents Development of Medical Education

By Janice Schulz

Slide from a 2005 classroom presentation on respiratory issues

The Archives & Rare Books Library has completed processing a new twenty-box collection of records from the Raymond Walters College Department of Nursing and it is now available for research. Spanning the years 1969-2005, the collection provides important information for anyone studying the history of nursing training and evolving health care practices. Raymond Walters College’s Nursing Program has been in existence since the college opened in 1967; therefore the collection covers nearly the entire lifespan of the department.

The collection is organized into two series, Faculty and Committee Records and Program Records. Faculty and Committee Records, covering the years 1969-2001, include meeting minutes and supporting documents for faculty meetings as well as advisory, resource, curriculum, student and RPT committees. Program Records, covering the years 1996-2005, include program planning records, syllabi, evaluations and assessments, teaching guides, and classroom material. A complete inventory is available on ARB’s website.