2012 CECH Authors Library Display

Come visit the CECH Library to see the new display highlighting 2011-2012 CECH publications!



Al Early, CECH Library Head of Circulation, has created a display that showcases selected recent publications of CECH faculty.  Drawn from the Authors, Editors & Composers program presented by the University of Cincinnati Libraries, the display presents print copies of a sample of School of Education and School of Human Services works.



Here is a selection of the works exhibited:

  • Aicher, T.J., and G.B. Cunningham.  Organizational Culture and Leader Sex Impacts Leader Prototypicality and EffectivenessInternational Journal of Sport Management.  12.3  (2011): 344-360.
  • Brydon-Miller, Mary, Ariane Berthoin Antal, Victor Friedman, and Patricia Gaya Wicks. The Changing Landscape of Arts and Action ResearchAction Research.  9.1 (2011): 3-11.
  • Ickes, M., and M. Sharma.  Does Behavioral Intention Predict Nutrition Behaviors Related to Adolescent Obesity?  Infant, Child, & Adolescent Nutrition. 3 (2011): 38-48.
  • Raider-Roth, Miriam.  The Place of Description in Understanding and Transforming Classroom RelationshipsThe New Educator.  7.3 (2011): 274-286.
  • Zydney,J., A. deNoyelles, and K. Seo.  Creating a Community of Inquiry in Online Environments: The Effect of Protocols on Interactions within Asynchronous Discussions.  Computers & Education.  58 (2011): 77-87.

Come to the CECH Library on the west end of the fourth floor of Teachers College.  The display is on your left as you enter the library.  If you have questions, contact Al Early at 556-1307.

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