Workplace Health and Safety Information Resource

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) provides multiple resources and tools that address workplace health and safety in Canada, the United States, and other countries around the world.  Resources included in this platform are:

  • MSDS: more than 310,000 Material Safety Data Sheets, obtained directly from 2,000 North American manufacturers and suppliers
  • CHEMINFO: comprehensive and up-to-date chemical health and safety information for more than 1,700 workplace chemicals
  • RTECS® (Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances): find critical toxicological information including 400,000+ chemical names and synonyms plus 130,000 unique CAS numbers plus citations on over 165,000 chemical substances from more than 2,500 sources
  • OSH References:  a collection of bibliographic databases that provide authoritative, international sources of OSH-related information.  Databases in the collection include: OSHLINE®, NIOSHTIC®, NIOSHTIC-2, HSELINE, CISILO, Canadiana, and PubMed.  

CCOHS resources are especially for:  Industrial hygienists, Employees working with chemicals, Toxicologists, Health and safety committees, Occupational health nurses and physicians, Firefighters and emergency responders, Pharmacologists, Researchers, and more.

Search across these resources or browse each individually.  Most provide full text information with references to articles.  Please note:  UC’s subscription does not include all the additional resources listed.

Find CCOHS on the Health Sciences Library web site by clicking on eResources from the QuickLinks menu on the left, then Environmental Health eResources.


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