Spring 2013 Records Quarterly Now Available

By:  Janice Schulz

The Spring 2013 edition of Records Quarterly, a newsletter of the University of Cincinnati Records Management Program, is now available on the records management website at http://www.libraries.uc.edu/documents/RQSpring2013.pdf. Articles in this issue include:

  • Records Quarterly Cover Spring 2013Public Records: Your Rights and Responsibilities – Learn what your responsibilities are as a UC employee when it comes to Ohio public records laws and your rights as a citizen to obtain government records.
  • Social Media and the Ohio Electronic Records Committee – See how the Ohio Electronic Records Committee is studying social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook for their capability to create records and how that translates to UC’s social media activity.
  • When do I Dispose of Records? – Discover the answer to this oft-asked question with the help of some handy charts that make it easier for you to time your records disposition.

You will also find announcements for the spring shredding event sponsored by the Office of Information Security, “Records in the News,” current events in legislation that could affect recordkeeping, and recent gifts to the University Archives.

Records Quarterly is distributed electronically via the Records Management website.

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