Student Project Shows Value of Libraries

Librarians are used to getting any kind of questions and requests at the InfoCommons. However we were pleasantly surprised when one day student Ashley Kraus approached us with a question about UC Libraries. She wanted to get all kinds of facts and numbers about libraries. Ashley explained that she needed to do a visual project for a class assignment. We were delighted that with any topic in the world to choose from, Ashley chose to demonstrate the value of libraries. Following is more about her work.

“My name is Ashley Kraus and I am currently an English major in the LCS track here at the University of Cincinnati. This infographic was a project for my Rhetoric and Professional Writing class with Professor Laura Wilson, who allowed us to pick any topic we wanted. Since my career plans include going UC-Library-Infographicinto library science, I felt it would be interesting to focus on information in that area. My main goal in creating this infographic was to provide UC students with some information about what the UC Libraries have to offer. There is great information and resources on the library website, so I incorporated links in the info graphic to provide quick access to that information. I enjoyed working on this project and am grateful to the Langsam Library staff for their help and recommendations.”

Ashley’s interactive infographic can be viewed at