Documenting India: Getting There and Day 1

Over Spring Break, Jay Sinnard, manager of the Student Technology Resources Center (STRC), is traveling with a class to provide media support as they record testimonials as part of their class project.

Over the course of their trip, Jay and the students will share on this blog some of their observations, images and video from their travels. Check back often…

From Jay:

Getting There:paris

We had some excitement at the CVG airport when one of the students arrived at checking with only 30 seconds to spare . I pleaded at the gate to hold off she will be here . I explained how important making the plane was for her. I think I bought her some time.  Then in Paris airport one student did not have her second boarding pass.  Everyone was already through security except her and I so we wandered around the airport looking for the ticket agents.  Found it and got back to the group about half hour later. Pictured here is us at the Paris airport.

deli delhiDay 1:

We went to a traditional outside market place in Delhi.  Other picture is lobby of hotel room the royal plaza.