Tape, Paper, Scissors

By: Pam Bach

Hmmm, what to do with book jackets removed from items in the Cohen Enrichment Collection when the books are sent to the stacks to make room for new titles?  Pondering this question while looking out at the 4th floor of Langsam Library and seeing the less-than-attractive concrete columns, inspiration hit — let’s create collages of the book jackets to wrap the columns! To make it even more fun, let’s inquire  about a donation of Duck Tape from ShurTech, where Madeline Aerni, a Library peer mentor, was interning this summer.

This proved to be the perfect activity for launching this years’ Langsam Connect event series, Fun, Food and Library Finds. Using tape, paper, and scissors, students created 4’ x 11’ collages from book jackets and Duck Tape, all while enjoying an afternoon snack in the Library. Watch the video capturing the fun, food, friends, and library finds!

Stop by Langsam and check the out the wrapped columns on the 4th floor. You will likely find a book title and call # that you will want to check out and take home with you.