Online Contest: Image Detective

The University of Cincinnati Libraries are celebrating National Information Literacy Awareness Month by offering our students an opportunity to demonstrate their research and critical thinking skills and win prizes by participating in an online contest.

We challenge you to demonstrate your skills as an image detective.
There are asherlock lot of amazing picture posted on the web, but many of them are real and others are not – there are so many ways to alter images or pass them for what they are not by adding a misleading caption. Let’s see how good you are at spotting fakery!

Please submit your response below. See contest rules, prizes, and contact information here.

Today’s challenge:

Which of these images is/are real? What fakery techniques (digital manipulation, cropping, false caption, etc.) were used for fake images? How did you verify image authenticity?

Image 1: Brick-laying machine


Image2: 3-D printed cast


Image 3: Sony Animalia Speakers


Submit your answer below. Make sure you answer all the questions fully!

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Come back tomorrow for a new question and the answer to today’s challenge!

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