Health Sciences Library Loans iPads!

The Health Sciences Library (HSL) is now loaning iPads to UC students and faculty.  There are 10 iPads available to lend.  You may reserve an iPad but a reservation is not required.

How to check out and return an iPad:

  • Bring your UC ID to the HSL Circulation desk
  • Fill in a form
  • Check out 1 iPad per person for 5 days, with 1 renewal
  • Return the iPad while the HSL is open

Please note:

  • The iPads are university-owned equipment and are to be used only for curricular purposes in accordance with the Information Technology and Instructional (ITIE) guidelines.
  • The iPads are not for extra-curricular or personal use.
  • The iPad must be returned in exactly the same condition or the borrower will be billed for damage or loss.
  • Failure to return the iPad at the agreed upon time will result in a fine of $10 per day.

Please call the Circulation deak at 513-558-0127 if you have any questions.