Clermont College Library: Inclement Weather Updates

cold-snow-forest-treesClermont College students, be prepared. Inclement weather is just around the corner. Here is some important information you should know:

 The University of Cincinnati always remains open during normal business hours. However, during periods of severe inclement weather, public emergency or other crisis, the President or a designated officer may announce that some or all of the University’s office and facilities are closed for part or all of a workday. Announcements regarding closures shall be made through the University of Cincinnati e-mail systems and through the local news media: WGUE, WCKY, WKRC, WLW, WLQA, and WUBE.

  • When the weather gets nasty, listen to local radio and TV stations for announcements that Clermont College is closed. Or check Clermont’s website where information will also be posted under the Clermont College heading within about 30 minutes of the decision to close.
  • Generally speaking, we do not close often for snow. If we do, so does UC East, since they are part of Clermont College.
  • The closing information will also be on Clermont’s homepage and Facebook page.
  • The easiest way to find out if we are closed is to check your cell phone for an emergency text message.

Every cell-phone number provided to UC will be automatically opted into the Emergency Text Message program. In case of emergency, UC Public Safety will send a text message specifying what has happened and where it occurred.

Be safe-
Natalie Winland
Public Services Manager