Scholar@UC goes to class

TEAM_BJS_final_sd_1On Thursday December 3, 2015, UC Libraries staff members of the Scholar@UC ( development team Linda Newman and Thomas Scherz, digital archivist Eira Tansey and science informationist Amy Koshoffer were given a wonderful treat of requirement engineering and donuts and cookies.  We were invited to attend the final project presentations in CEAS Engineering & Computing Systems professor Dr. Nan Niu’s Requirements Engineering course (CS6027).

Photo3_From left Ben Albert and Sumeet Ranuv2Photo2_From left Nan Niu, Payel Basak, and Nesrin HusseinPhoto1_From left Sumeet Ranu, Payel Basak, Nesrin Hussein, and Ben Albert

Students: Sumeet Ranu, Payel Basak, Nerin Hussein, Ben Albert

Dr. Niu is featured in the photo in upper right.  Dr. Niu is an early adopter for our institutional repository Scholar@UC.
Dr. Niu worked with UC Libraries early in the development of the Scholar@UC project, submitted content to Scholar and gave us feedback on the process.  Early adopter feedback forms the basis for use cases that guide the developers as they make improvements to the system.  Dr. Niu was very quick to see the benefit of an open source project like Scholar and integrated real Scholar use cases into course projects for his students.  He had his students access the Scholar use case log ( which is based on researcher feedback and develop models based on the use cases using the strategic rationale model  i*.  The students analyzed the use cases, developed models and then presented the models to us.  The presentations were AMAZING and we learned a great deal from talking with the students.