3D Printer Pilot Concludes at the Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library (HSL) conducted a 3D printer pilot from April 20, 2016 through June 3, 2016 using a Makerbot 5th Generation Replicator Desktop 3D Printer.  The HSL invited students, faculty and staff from the UC Colleges of Allied Health, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy to participate in the 3D printer pilot.

Printing during the pilot was free.  There were a total of 54 3D print job requests submitted that ranged from a skull and a heart to a planter, a vase, various animals, and other small trinkets.  A few print jobs had to be resubmitted when there were issues with the print file.  The 3D printer worked well until a part had to be replaced.

The increasing backlog of print requests brought the pilot to a close sooner than anticipated.  Once the 3D printer is working again we will continue to print the already submitted 3D print job requests.  We will be in touch if we are unable to complete a print job.

The number of participants in the 3D printer pilot shows that there is interest in 3D printing.  The data gathered during the pilot will help inform the viability of providing self-supporting 3D printing service for the UC Academic Health Center in the future.