LabArchives Electronic Lab Notebook

The Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library, with funding from the University of Cincinnati’s Office of the Provost, is pleased to present the LabArchives Electronic Lab Notebook.

LabArchives has been selected as the Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) vendor of choice due to its ability to assist in maintaining compliance, and to capture, secure and control data.


  • Provides discipline agnostic tools and plugins to increase functionality, research efficiency, and management of laboratory data.
  • Is compliant with Federal mandates including: Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Internet2 Guidelines, FDA- 21 CFR Part 11 and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).
  •  Is a secure and intuitive cloud-based application enabling researchers to easily create, store, share and manage their research data.
  • Provides a flexible, extensible platform that can be easily customized to match your lab’s workflow providing benefits to Principal Investigators, lab managers’ staff, post doctoral fellows and grad students.
  • Can be integrated seamlessly with GraphPad Prism, MS-Office, PubMed, Box, Learning Management Systems and other software tools that are used extensively by Academic Health Center and university wide researchers.
  • Works on multiple platforms and devices including Mac, Windows, Android and iPad, allowing researchers to store and access their data virtually from anywhere with Internet access.

LabArchives has a platform in place that will provide UC researchers with tremendous data management capabilities and research efficiency.

  • An enterprise-wide license with LabArchives has been obtained for the Academic Health Center (AHC), which includes the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences and Pharmacy. This provides an unlimited amount of licenses to members of the UC AHC.
  • An additional 100 licenses have been reserved for non-Academic Health Center UC affiliates, and each of these additional licenses will be distributed on a first-come, first-served method.

For more information about LabArchives:

To sign up for a LabArchives Electronic Lab Notebook, please use the following campus links:

East Campus LabArchives Sign-up:

West Campus LabArchives Sign-up:

Contact Tiffany Grant, PhD, Research Informationist at the Harrison Health Sciences Library if you have questions. 558-9153 or

Please be aware that the total cost of the trial is paid through December 2017. Earnest efforts are being made to solidify continued funding. If funding is not obtained, users of the notebook may be asked to pay $124 per notebook per year after this date if they wish to continue use. Should researchers choose not to continue use, notebook contents can be downloaded for archival purposes.

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