Winners of the Clermont College Library’s 6th Annual Haiku Contest

Clermont College Library received 73 exceptional haiku entries from 31 students this year.

First place winner, Treva Noakes-Miller, won a $50 gift card and all winners will be published in the East Fork, Clermont’s online literary journal.


1st Place

Our footsteps were wild

Untamed, sporadic. Underneath,

The grass breathed heavy

Treva Noakes-Miller


2nd Place

Humid air I choke,

The swelter of summer mist,

I cough up rain clouds.

Julia Wahle


3rd Place

I have never seen

ever more than one heron,

is it the same one?

Benjamin Ward


Honorable Mentions


Buy the neighbors land,

you go to take down the fence,

a tree grows through it

Benjamin Ward


They found the perfect soldier,

I could’ve followed them to hell and back,

and maybe I did.

McKenzie Bracco


In the dead of night

She suffered and was born dead

Through love she breathed

Christine Campbell


That night he held me

Fireflies were candlelight

And my ribs, a cage

Treva Noakes-Miller


Wrinkled sky, ripped clouds

Creases where you leaned in, drowned.

Ripples without sound

Treva Noakes-Miller


My art is something

raised by howling packs of wolves

drawing little lambs.

Jillian Cofskey

Penny McGinnis
Technical Services Manager