New and Returning Library Student Assistants Are Ready To Serve

The UCBA Library is pleased to welcome five new student assistants for the 2017-2018 school year. They are joined by five returning student assistants. Together, they assist students, staff and faculty by answering general questions about the library and its policies, checking materials in and out, facilitating study room usage, and providing instruction on how to use the various tools and resouces available in the library.

Group of library student assistants standing at the information desk.

UCBA Library Student Assistants

The student assistants all shared a few fun facts:

Photo of Angel V.

Angel – New


Favorite candy: Jolly Ranchers





Photo of Garrit C.

Garrit – New


Favorite book: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy





Photo of Hayden R.

Hayden – New


Favorite drink: Peach Iced Tea





Photo of Isabella J.

 Isabella – New


Favorite Animal: Elephant





Photo of Nikki H.

Nikki – Returning


Favorite movie: The Princess Bride





Photo of Rayden Q.

Raiden – Returning


Dream vacation: Bora Bora





Photo of Samuel O.

Samuel- Returning


Favorite activities: Driving on back roads.





Photo of Tiffany F.

Tiffany- Returning


Favorite food: Sushi





Photo of Tyasha G.

     Tyasha – New


Favorite color: Blue