Your Library Faculty, Staff, and Students at Home

At UC Clermont, we’ve been working from home now for over a month! Our daily routines, much like everyone’s, have changed. We are working hard to keep you up to date on what’s going on at UC Libraries – how to access resources, what to do with materials you may have, answering any questions you have, and more. We are still doing the behind-the-scenes work of the library’s operations as well as working on our own professional development. It’s not just our work routines that have changed though!

Student workers Scarlett, Anna, and Emily have been at home with their families attending classes online and working on various library projects and virtual training sessions/webinars throughout the last few weeks. They are looking forward to getting back to campus, work, and normal life but enjoying time with their pets and families right now!

Catie Carlson, UC Clermont Library Director, has been trying to share her home office with her husband, dog, and cat. None of whom work very quietly for a library. She’s been rewatching Grey’s Anatomy, building LalaIsland in Animal Crossing, and battling it out in Splatoon 2. Now and then, she’s trying to get to know her new neighborhood with dog walks and takeout food.

Kathy Ladell, our new Librarian, has been getting used to online work and is enjoying virtually meeting UC people from across the campuses.  Since she likes to be outdoors, she has been discovering new parks in the area, while keeping an appropriate social distance, of course.  In the evening, she settles down with her furry companion, Loki, to watch multiple seasons of Portlandia or The Office.

Emily Wages, library operations manager, is home with her husband Quinn, dog Shay, and cat Chili. She is trying to continue running around her neighborhood, since she had been training for the (now postponed) Flying Pig Marathon. She’s been spending a lot of time in her yard gardening and bird watching while her husband bakes bagels (a new hobby). She has also been having a lot of video chat hangouts with family and friends.

If you need help with assignments, research, or have questions about the library do not hesitate to email us at We are all looking forward to when we can be back on campus to see everyone (and our books) in person!