Print Periodicals Routing Available Again on UC Clermont’s Campus!

Clermont College Library is excited to announce that we are bringing back periodicals routing!

This means that when print periodicals come in, we will first circulate them through inter-office mail to those on the routing list. When everyone on the routing list is done reading the magazine and passing it on, it will be returned to the library and go onto the public shelf.

Please fill out this form to indicate which periodicals you would like routed to you, if any.

Feel free to contact our Collection Services Manager, Emily Wages (, with any questions.

UC Clermont Library Summer 2021 Hours and Information

As the summer course session begins, UC Clermont Library would like remind the campus community that we will be open Monday through Thursday, 10 am to 3 pm, starting on Monday May third. Our chat service will be staffed Monday through Friday 10am to 3pm.  Materials and technology checkouts continue to be available during these open hours. If you would like to request to check out a piece of technology over summer, you can do so via the online form here. Additionally, there is a return bin outside of the library that you can access at any time for book returns, but if you have technology like a laptop or iPad to return you can drop those off during open hours or make an appointment to drop off at another time. UC Clermont Library will be closed on Fridays throughout the summer.

UC Clermont Library Digital Display – January and February 2021

UC Clermont Library usually curates monthly physical library material displays that pertain to timely issues. You’ve probably seen these throughout campus and maybe even checked out materials from one. For these physical displays we lay out books, DVDs, and periodicals relating to a particular topic. While we are off campus, we wanted to share this same information with you, but in formats accessible from home.

The digital display for January and February 2021 provides online materials with information on burn out, mental health, self-care, and more, so that we can learn about how to take better care of our mental health this semester!

UC Clermont Library Rep. John Lewis Trivia Results and Answers

At the start of this fall semester, UC Clermont Library hosted an online trivia tournament about the life of Rep. John Lewis. We would like to thank everyone who participated! We hope you had fun with it and learned a little something about this important civil rights icon! Below are the results and answers. Continue reading

UC Clermont Library Trivia Results

UC Clermont Library hosted an online trivia tournament during May. We would like to thank everyone who participated! We hope you had fun with it and learned a little something about libraries or Cincinnati.

Check out the winner’s podium here!

Total correct answers: 51.4%
Total incorrect answers: 48.6%
Average score: 6182.7 points

According to Kahoot, the hardest two questions, both with only 28% correct answers, were the following:

#5. Which of these is Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhood? Avondale, Over the Rhine, Walnut Hills, or Columbia-Tusculum? The answer is Columbia-Tusculum, which was was founded in 1788 on the Little Miami River and predates Losantiville (which became Cincinnati) by a month.

#10. True or false, the last time the Cincinnati Bengals made it to the Superbowl was 1989. The answer is “true” – the last time the Bengals made it to the Superbowl was in ’89, but they lost to the San Francisco 49ers.

Coming up soon, be on the look out for more trivia from the library!

Join UC Clermont Library for Trivia this Summer!

Need a break in your studies or research this summer? Check out our new online trivia game on Kahoot! It will run all summer and features questions about the Cincinnati area, libraries in general, and the University itself. If you’re new to the area it might be a great way to learn some fun facts about Cincinnati and UC!  Join us on Kahoot and follow the directions on the page. This particular trivia series will run until the end of May and we will release the results in June.

Have ideas for future trivia questions? Let us know at