Reading Day Recommendations from UC Clermont

With the upcoming reading day on March 24, we think everyone could use a break. While the UC Clermont library will be open that day, we thought we’d share some of what we would do if we had a free day. Decision fatigue can be real so maybe these can help:

  1. Get outside! With the warmer weather, Library Director Catie Carlson has been enjoying the Johnson Nature Preserve near her home. Adjacent to the nature preserve is the University of Cincinnati’s Harris M. Benedict Nature Preserve. The long trails are basset hound approved.
  2. Graphic novels have been entertaining Operations Manager Emily Wages. She prefers the horror, thriller, and crime-based genre with titles such as Giant Days, Something is Killing the Children, and Family Tree.
  3. Because it is just one day, short fiction may be more your thing. Emily again has a few recommendations there such as Growing Things and Inspection.

If you have lots of work to get done, be sure to visit your UC Clermont Library on the reading day. We’ll be open 9 AM – 4 PM.