New Features in Summon!

At the start of summer, UC Libraries created a task force to review new features and user experience within its discovery tool, Summon. Throughout the summer, users may notice changes as the group continues its work. The task force implemented its first round of updates on Wednesday, June 15. These updates included the following:

  • You will now receive suggestions as you type for search terms with the autocomplete feature.
  • Browsing your results list will be easier with new visual indicators when an item is a peer-reviewed or an original research article.
  • To eliminate confusion, the ‘Scholarly & Peer Reviewed’ limiter has been renamed to Scholarly.
  • Access PDFs quickly with a new PDF quicklink button on the search results page.
  • Have a favorite database? You can now use the link resolver to select it to access your item.
  • To clean up the appearance, limiters are now all set to collapse. This provides a quick view of limiting options that can be individually expanded as needed.

If you experience any trouble with these updates or have other considerations for the task force in updating the Summon experience, please reach out to Catie Carlson (