UC Clermont Library Celebrates Student Workers

At UC Clermont Library, our student workers are an essential piece of how we serve you. They’re at the front lines to direct you to the right resource and ensure that our library remains the best place to be. This semester we had 4 excellent student workers with us until the end. Here are some highlights from those who wanted to share:

John Mark Thomas (he/him)

  • Major: Secondary Education
  • Favorite Class: Anything Dr. Long teaches
  • Guilty Pleasure this semester: The Mysterious Benedict Society
  • Favorite Part of working in the library: Helping people print

Hannah Johnson (she/her)

  • Major: History
  • Favorite Class: Beer and World History
  • Guilty Pleasure this semester: The Keeper of Night by Kylie Lee Baker
  • Favorite Part of working in the library: Being able to talk to students

Malia Nerl (she/her)

  • Major: Psychology
  • Favorite Class: I don’t really have a favorite so far, I like them all better than high school classes!
  • Guilty Pleasure this semester: Art, binging TV/YouTube while I draw
  • Favorite Part of working in the library: I like being able to help people and talking to friends at work!

The library is seeking more student workers to help staff our service points for the Spring 2023. If you’re interested in joining this amazing crew, apply today.

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