Spring 2010 Records Quarterly Now Available

Records Quarterly, Spring 2010The Spring 2010 edition of Records Quarterly, the newsletter of University of Cincinnati Records Management, is now available on the records management website at http://www.libraries.uc.edu/libraries/arb/records_management/recordsquarterly.html. This issue includes articles about how you can improve your workflow processes and things you need to consider when creating records in a collaborative environment, such as committee work.  Additionally, the final installment of our series on the history of records at UC takes us from the beginning of automated records processes in 1949 to the present.

Records Quarterly is distributed electronically via the Records Management website. Subscribers to the Records Management Listserv will receive notification of new issues automatically. You can sign up for the listserv by going to the subscription page at https://listserv.uc.edu/cgi-bin/wa.exe?A0=LIB-RECMGMT, or by sending an email to Janice.Schulz@uc.edu. Please include your name and email address and use “listserv sign-up” in the subject line.

– Janice Schulz