RefWorks Adds RefShare, a New Sharing Model

RefWorks is a web based personal bibliographic management service that enables users to electronically collect, manage, and organize bibliographic information and full-text articles.   RefWorks also facilitates the research report and manuscript composition process by automatically creating in-text citations, footnotes and bibliographies in nearly 2000 different output styles.  In short, RefWorks can save countless hours of time spent on resources management and manuscript or report production.

Provided by the University of Cincinnati Libraries, RefWorks has been available for all UC students, faculty and staff since 2004.  RefWorks has become a very popular research tool for UC scholars of all levels and disciplines.   More than 4,000 RefWorks accounts have been created at UC, and approximately 80 new accounts are created every month.

Beginning this fall, University of Cincinnati’s RefWorks users will have access to RefShare, a collaborative research module that provides RefWorks users with the ability to share their RefWorks personal database (or any part of it) with anyone in the world who has Internet access.   By simply posting a RefShare link in an email message, in Blackboard or on a web page the intended audience — e.g., an individual, a class or anyone viewing the web page — can view, print or export references from a personal RefWorks database.  Additionally, because the RefShare link points to a folder in a dynamic RefWorks database, the references are as current as the database.

Set up a RefWorks account to explore the possibilities for increasing your productivity and reducing some of the stress in your academic life.   For more information about RefWorks, see the contact information or web sites listed below.

RefWorks Web Sites

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