50 Minutes-1 Book

By Kevin Grace

Cover of the Moser BibleThe next 50 Minutes-1 Book lunchtime talk in the Archives & Rare Books Library will be Thursday, February 24, in the Schott Seminar Room, 814 Blegen Library at 12:00 noon.

January’s gathering to talk about anthropodermic bindings was well-attended and a lot of fun.  This month the topic is the Pennyroyal Caxton Bible, a masterpiece of book design and illustration by Barry Moser.  Moser is recognized as one of the foremost bookwrights in the world and his Bible, completed in 1999, is arguably one of the most beautiful books ever printed.  Here in ARB, Moser’s edition is often used by classes in book history, graphic design, art history, English literature, and religion.

Drawing of Jesus from the Moser BibleThe subject matter is timely as well: in 2011 we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, a cornerstone of Western literature.  Later this year, we hope to exhibit some of our various holdings of the King James Bible in the Archives & Rare Books Library.

So please join us on the 24th – it’s an academic hour of something different.  Bring your lunch or order in for this inside view of some of UC’s fascinating holdings.

In March, CCM Librarian Mark Palkovic, an international expert on miniature books, will give a presentation on the world’s smallest book, a Russian printing of Anton Chekhov’s story, “Chameleon.”  Faculty, students, and staff are cordially invited to attend these talks, and if so inclined, offer to do one of their own about their research with specific volumes in the rare books collection.