Free Trial: BMJ Case Reports

BMJ Case Reports

A free trial to BMJ Case Reports until August 31, 2012 at! BMJ Case Reports has published more than 2000 peer-reviewed cases making it the world’s largest repository of clinical cases online.  The case reports published online cover over 32 specialties and topics.

The free trial to BMJ Case Reports entitles UC users to:

  •   Submit an unlimited number of cases (Please note: requires a Fellowship code – contact  to request the code.)
  •   Access over 2000 peer-reviewed case reports across all specialties
  •  Reuse any of the published material for teaching and personal use without any further permission
  •  Search published cases by specialty, type of case, patient demographics and date of publication

Watch an Overview of BMJ Case Reports

Watch How to Write a Full Text Case Report

Watch How to Submit a Full Text Case Report

Flyer on How to Submit Your Cases to BMJ Case Reports  (PDF) 

We encourage you to check out BMJ Case Reports, submit your own cases, and let us know if you’d like the library to subscribe to this resource.  Please send comments or questions to