All Flags Shall Here Be Seen: Discover the World through UC Libraries Resources

flags3“…All flags shall here be seen…” – this line from Pushkin’s “The Bronze Horseman” describing the thoughts of Peter the Great as he was envisioning St. Petersburg, comes to mind as one enters Langsam Library this summer. Flags of dozens of countries adorn the Circulation and InfoCommons desks greeting the UC Community, including nearly 3,200 international students from 110 countries. “I feel as if I were at the United Nations [Headquarters],” a colleague remarked today passing by the InfoCommons desk.

The diverse international community of students, faculty, and staff is described in the UC Academic Master Plan as “one of our richest resources.” UC Libraries’ faculty and staff are proud to be part of this community and to contribute to UC’s global engagement initiatives.
The flags proudly displayed in the library represent the richness of our collection. To help you learn about the countries where the members of the UC family come from, we’ll be featuring library resources in a semi-weekly tweet. Please feel free to share your favorite resources in your responses!

Afghanistan_flag_sm Today’s featured country: Afghanistan.
Source: Europa World Plus.
Learn more about countries of the world from the Country Information CampusGuide.