Something New from the DAAP Library

The DAAP Library is excited to announce some changes taking place this summer! What was the periodicals wall on our 5th-level (that used to house approximately 12 of the current issues of DAAP Library journal collection in print) will now house the academic journal published by UC/DAAP/Design, Visible Language.
 VJ11[1] VJ8[1]

DON’T PANIC! No print periodicals were harmed in the move! Current issues of the journals once located on the periodicals wall have been integrated into the two long and low journal-shelving units that currently reside between the west wall and the media & reference collection.
VJ9[1] VJ7[1]
Visible Language, a well-known, peer-reviewed journal, has been published continuously since 1967. It began as The Journal of Typographic Research and was published under this title for the first 4 years. The founder and first editor, Dr. Merald Wrolstad, understood that research and scholarly information was essential to the development of communication design and in particular to the development of typography in its support of reading and writing. Understanding the broader implications, he changed the title to Visible Language. In 1987, the journal passed to its second editor Sharon Poggenpohl, who has sought to strengthen the investigation of design research, interdisciplinary thinking and the evolution of digital communication along with its cultural impact. In 2013, Sharon passed the journal to the University of Cincinnati School of Design and editor Mike Zender where the journal will further refine its focus on design research. Focusing on interdisciplinary and innovative scholarship within the realm of our daily visual landscape, the journal states as its mission: to enhance human experience through the advancement of research and practice of visual communication; working toward a balance between artfulness and science, between innovation and respect for human patterns of use.
Articles and topics span the disciplines of Anthropology, Art, Design, Education, English and Linguistics to create a rigorous interdisciplinary dialogue. Over the past forty years, Visible Language has published over 900 articles ranging in the specialties of typography, word art, symbols, texts and visual patterns to examine the interaction of perception, cognition, emotion, and contexts that form and inform our lives. The current issue includes articles on the value of letterpress workshops for graphic design students, as well as, strategies to improve class critiques.
While many articles are available digitally via UC Library databases, the DAAP Library will make print issues available.
*Article written by Rachelle A. Caplan, Organizational Leadership, University of Cincinnati 2015 & Jennifer Krivickas, Head of the Robert A. Deshon and Karl J. Schlachter Library for Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP), University of Cincinnati.