Documenting India: Day 3

Jay Sinnard, manager of the Student Technology Resources Center (STRC), is traveling with a UC class to provide media support as they record testimonials as part of their class project. This is a return trip for Jay as he traveled with this same class in spring 2014. He is applying lessons learned from that trip to make the student’s experience an even better one.

Over the course of their trip, Jay will share on this blog some of his observations, images and video from their travels. Check back often…

From Sarah Jernigan, a student on the trip: University of Cincinnati students met with the United Nations (UC) Women division. We learned about the history of the UN in India and the current initiatives in place for reducing human trafficking in Asia. Students also met with the president of Shakti Vahani, an NGO also working to combat human trafficking through a legal approach by assisting victims who file a law suit against traffickers.