Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

By: Sydney Vollmer, ARB Intern, 2015-2016

I’m not one to frequent dinner parties, seeing as my peers are assuredly drowning in some form of debt and being strangled by the long, drawn out sentences that fill the pages of their textbooks. However, if I were to be seated at any table of twelve, these Shakespearean dinner place cards would turn a regular dinner into a fancy party. No Pinterest expert I, but if it had existed when these cards came out, I’m sure they would have made their way to social media in a heartbeat.

These particular cards are antiques, but no one is stopping you from typing them out and printing them on fancy paper so you too can have an Elizabethan inspired night. Make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated with sentiments strung together from six of Shakespeare’s plays.

Shakespeare Dinner CardIf thou wantest anything, and will not call, beshrew thy heart ­­Henry IV, Part 2; V:3.

Shakespeare Dinner CardFor now we sit to chat, as well as eat. Taming of the Shrew V;2.

Dinner Card 3Now good digestion wait on appetite, and health on both! Macbeth III; 4

Shakespeare Dinner CardSit down and feed, and welcome to our table. As You Like It II; 7

Dinner Card 5To say you are welcome, were superfluous. Pericles II; 3

Shakespeare Dinner CardHere’s a gentleman, and a friend of mine. Meas. for Meas. III; 2

Shakespeare Dinner CardsThe labour we delight in. Macbeth II; 3

Shakespeare Dinner CardEat, and make good cheer. Henry IV, Part 2; V;3

Shakespeare Dinner CardAt first and last, the hearty welcome. Macbeth III; 4

Shakespeare Dinner CardIf he had been forgotten, it had been as a gap in our great feast. Macbeth II; 1

Shakespeare Dinner CardBut eat and drink as friends. Taming of the Shrew 1; 2

Shakespeare Dinner CardWelcome; Fall to. As You Like It II; 7

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