Celebrate National Library Week with a Gift to UC Libraries


April 10-16 marks National Library Week. Show your support for UC Libraries by making a gift at uc.edu/give.

Read why students love UC Libraries…

rknisely“UC Libraries are important to me because we preserve old volumes that cannot be replaced. They are an important part of our history that may be over-looked in this digital era.  The history of these documents are just as important as their content, and I am proud to be working with an institution that understands their value.”

Rhianna Knisely, freshman, DAAP, urban planning



stibbs“The UC Libraries have provided for my inspiration and education invaluably over the years. The availability of facilities, technology and people have always been here for me, boosting my productivity and opportunities, and allowing me to explore, not just books, but my real potential.”

Samuel J. Tibbs, senior, DAAP, Architecture


dmarcon“When I got to campus the library not only gave me a job but a place to be and a lot of new friends. My first year wouldn’t have been nearly as fun or productive without Langsam.”

Dante Marcon, freshman, Lindner College of Business, business economics


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