UC Libraries Offering Trial of APA Style CENTRAL, Learning Tools for Citation and Formatting Style

The University of Cincinnati Libraries is offering a trial for APA Style CENTRAL, a major new research service produced by the American Psychological Association.  APA Style CENTRAL offers a wide range of resources and services for undergraduate and graduate students and faculty in the social sciences and related disciplines.  The trial will run from August 1st through August 30th.  We welcome you to explore this new APA service, and we encourage you to complete a short (6 question) survey after you have had the opportunity to evaluate this new service.


The APA Style CENTRAL service provides a wide range of services and resources for undergraduate and graduate students.  It is not surprising that undergraduates often struggle with the APA style.  APA Style CENTRAL offers learning tools that facilitate usage of the APA citation and formatting style.  APA Style CENTRAL will empower students to use the APA style with greater precision and accuracy, enhancing the overall quality of research papers.  Moreover, the APA Style CENTRAL Learning Center includes tutorials covering a wide range of research related topics that will specifically serve the undergraduate community — including getting started with APA style, avoiding plagiarism, finding reliable resources, development of a research question or hypothesis and much more.  APA Style CENTRAL even includes a Writing Center that provides a references manager, style templates, nearly 150 sample APA references and sample papers to facilitate the writing process.

APA Style Central also offers many resources targeted more specifically to graduate students and faculty.   The Learning Center of APA Style Central provides many advanced tutorials appropriate for upper level undergraduates and graduate students — including topics such as data analysis, confounding variables and publishing a journal article.  Both faculty and graduate teaching assistants can benefit from embedding the APA Style CENTRAL content, including quizzes, into their Blackboard courses.  This may be particularly useful for flipped classrooms.  Additionally, faculty and graduate students will find the “Publishing Center” very helpful in the discovery of journals that could be a good fit for the content of their research.

The trial for APA Style CENTRAL is available for both on and off campus access.  Off-campus access is available via VPN or through the UC Libraries’ proxy address (built into the APA Style CENTRAL link).  Give it a try and let us know what you think about the new service at http://uc.libsurveys.com/APA-Style-CENTRAL.