UC Data Day 2017 Featured its First Student Poster Session








The major focus of UC Data Day is to build community around best practices for data and to provide a forum for discussion about challenges and opportunities in data management, data sharing, reproducible research and preservation.

At the first UC Data Day held in 2016, faculty panelists began the conversation and highlighted the diverse and broad approaches to these challenges.  For the second UC Data Day, we wanted to include a student voice as well.

In addition to the faculty panelists, we held a data management themed student poster session.  Students were not required to create a completely new poster about data management for a project.  Instead we encouraged them to take a pre-existing poster and consider the data management for the project highlighted in the poster.  We asked volunteer judges to engage students in a conversation about data management and gave data management checklists and a rubric to follow.








It was a new approach for all involved.  The student turnout was relatively small, but student who participated stated that they felt the level of engagement was higher than they had experienced in more traditional poster sessions.  And judges and poster session attendees really enjoyed this novel approach and the discussions about the projects, the resultant data and the individual data management approaches.






To see more pictures from the poster session, the keynote speaker and faculty presenters, click here.