Welcome Hilda Knepp to the Clermont College Library!

Photo of Hilda

Hilda Knepp

Please join me in welcoming Hilda Knepp to the Clermont College Library!

Hilda graduated from Otterbein College with a BS in Equine Science in the 1980’s, planning to further her studies in Veterinary Science with any reputable university that would take her. Unfortunately, she was sidetracked and acquired an MLS at the University of Kentucky. First love–horses, second love–books. Who knows, right?

During her long career working in libraries, most of her time was spent in the Clermont County Public Library, working at various branches as a reference and children’s librarian, and finishing as a Branch Supervisor at the Doris Wood (Batavia) branch. For a brief three years, she worked part-time for the Clermont County Law Library and learned to speak legaleze. Hilda is working at the Clermont College Library in public services on a part-time schedule, after retiring from the public library.

Hilda lives in the Milford area with her husband, Gary, two cats, and one dog. Currently her grand-dog is staying with her while Mariah, the daughter, figures out what she wants to do with her life. When she is not guiding her daughter on the road to success, Hilda reads, writes, empties litter boxes, researches genealogy, and travels.

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Heather Mitchell-Botts
Instruction Librarian