Temporary Clermont Library Helpers (with fur)

With all of the library faculty and staff working remotely, we’ve added a few temporary library helpers to our staff. These staff members are usually at our homes, but since work is at home, Clermont College Library wanted you to meet them before they introduce themselves on a video call:

Catie’s Helpers

Tigger the cat


Charlie the dog


Tigger is 11 years old and likes belly rubs and napping in the sun. She tends to be very “chatty” these days on conference calls while Catie is hard at work.

Charlie is a 4-year-old basset/beagle/corgi mix that Catie and her husband rescued in 2017. He is loving all the extra walks, snuggles, and snacks.

Emily’s Helpers

Shay the dog


Chili the cat


Shay is a 10-year-old boxer/lab mix rescue dog that Emily & her husband adopted in
2013. She loves humans, chasing the cat, & snuggling.

Emily adopted Chili the tabby in 2012. This 8-year-old likes to play chase with Shay, watch birds out the window, and ask for snacks.

Kathy’s Helper

Loki the cat


Loki is a wise 17-year-old tabby kitty. He enjoys kitty treats, sunshine, and laps.

If you chat or meet with one of us while we are still remote, be sure to look out for these new library helpers!