Ending the Semester Online at Clermont

All classes will be moving online after November 25 at the University of Cincinnati Clermont. Clermont College Library will be transitioning its support to online and changing its visiting hours to by appointment only. To better support online learning, Clermont student can expect the following changes: 

  •  The Clermont College chat service hours will be extended to 9 AM to 3 PM through December 8. Receive answers to your questions from a UC Clermont librarian through the chat system.
  • UC Clermont students that need technology access to complete the semester can borrow laptops, web cameras, headsets, and more to have the needed equipment to finish the semester.
  • Click & Collect services will continue during this time. To retrieve requested items, a UC Clermont Library employee will reach out when items are available to schedule an appointment to pick up materials. Appointments will not be accepted during university holidays and winter season days.
  • All borrowed books should have a due date of February 15 but can be returned at any time to the book drop immediately outside the library. For other materials (ie technology) or books that do not fit in the book drop, appointments should be made by contacting emily.wages@uc.edu.
  • The online library will continue to be available for all to continue their academic work, to end the semester, and to prepare for the next.

Technology Lending

Clermont College Library is excited to offer its lending technology library once again. All technology borrowed will need to be returned the semester they are borrowed. Therefore, those needing technology to end the Fall semester will need to return their borrowed technology before December 11 by appointment. Request your technology access today!